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<strong>Retirement and Investment Specialist</strong>

Retirement and Investment Specialist

Kelly Capital Partners is a Southeast Michigan independent retirement advisory firm with over 20 years of combined financial experience. We service over 630 clients and have over $100,000,000.00 in Assests Under Management.We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of retirement planning and customer service. We give financial guidance that retirees and those planning for retirement. We develop comprehensive financial plans that are designed to help you chart the course and navigate during retirement.

<strong>Your Fiduciary Partner</strong>

Your Fiduciary Partner

As Fiduciaries, our clients engage with us in a special relationship of trust and confidence. A fiduciary owes a client a duty of loyalty, which means they must act in the best interest of the client.

At Kelly Capital Partners we believe there is a lack of financial education in our communities. We teach classes at local colleges and universities on retirement planning, Social Security, investing and taxes in retirement. We believe everyone deserves the access to professional advice and tactical management.

<strong>Suitability Standard</strong>

Suitability Standard

Financial advisors who subscribe to this standard offer financial products marketed by the company they represent. In effect, they are salespeople for the company. They are compensated on a commission basis, so the more you invest in the company’s products, the more they earn.

They are legally obligated to offer financial products that are suitable for you. But they don’t have to offer the very best advice regarding your investments and objectives. In other words, their legal obligation to you, the customer, is minimal. Once you understand the options, the choice seems simple. At Kelly Capital Partners, we have your best interest at heart.


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